Teaching Approach

A New Perspective

There are many excellent musicians that have been able to accomplish their musical goals through the Note-by-Note System, the conventional method.  What concerned Cercone Music was the huge number of people who took lessons for years but were unable to play the piano.  The most often heard comment is ” I have taken lessons for years and cannot play anything.”  Therefore this piano method has been created and refined over the years to teach the reading of music rather than the spelling of music.

Learn the language of music so that you can speak it through your hands!”

Donna Cercone, Founder, Cercone Learning

Life at Cercone

The Cercone Piano Method looks at music as a language.

To be proficient in any language, a student needs to know the grammar structure, spelling, and the sound of the language studied.

At Cercone, students learn to play the piano and read music with ease and grace.

Like in daily reading,  we group letters to see words and in the Cercone Piano Method, students are taught to group notes to see chords as words in music.  Students then train their hands to shape the chords to play the piano just as the tongue is trained to respond in speech. The Cercone Comprehensive Chord and Interval Training also opens the door of ear-training for students.

When the Cercone Piano Method is being fully utilized, songs are learned over 500% faster.

Students achieve piano playing goals that were once considered out of reach.

– Vast increase in long term memory

– Increase keyboard improvisational skills

– Playing piano is fun and easy

– Increase confidence in piano playing

Cercone Piano Method

Here at Cercone Learning, we take great pride in our research-based, classroom-tested piano curriculum. We educate our students to become masters of this art form.

The Cercone Piano Method teaches college level APPLIED music theory using Mega Learning Techniques. When this piano method is fully utilized, music is understood as a language, songs can easily be learned over 500% faster, making piano playing so much easier and more successful. Playing piano becomes a joy that can be savored for a lifetime.

This program builds upon the classic masters of piano.  We teach all styles and give our students visual and performance skills to conquer the world of piano playing.

This curriculum helps students achieve their keyboard playing goals that were once considered out of reach. This will be their dream come true.


All my four children have begun their musical life at Cercone.  Their ability to play and their love for music has continued to grow through the years.  Their technique and music playing ability all developed at Cercone.  One has graduated college with a Music Business Degree and another has started college in Music Composition.  One is still in High School and plays with five different bands.  The fourth just loves music in all styles and just play for her personal enjoyment.  Cercone Music Method made music fun and easy.  The technique one plays with is extremely unique and not found anywhere else. 

Linda W.

I have always wanted to play piano. As a kid I went to a few lessons off and on but was bored quickly and found it to be too hard the way it was taught. As I got older I still wanted to learn how to play and read music but just never found the time. Now in my 50s I decided to try learning on my own. One thing seemed to be missing – direction. Browsing the Internet one day I came across the Cercone Music Mastery Method, a weekend workshop available on DVD. I quickly bookmarked the site and thought I would order it someday, and that maybe it would help me. After 3 or 4 months I decided to order it. The information was astounding and I wished I had ordered it sooner. After talking with Donna and telling her how much I had learned she told me I could continue into Level 1 with lessons on Skype. I was excited to learn more and enrolled into Level One. So far I have had 6 lessons and I have learned so much and can actually play songs on the piano. These lessons are not boring. They are fun and exciting and are taught using the Cercone Method. You have to experience it to believe it.

PMK , Windsor, Ontario, Canada

I have recently started piano lessons at Cercone Learning.  I am 64 this month and have found the lessons are fun and stimulate my brain. I am actually playing music pieces beyond the years I have been playing. Not because I’m good, but because Cercone has a method that makes reading and playing piano music easier and takes less time to learn.  I’m not embarrassed by the level I’m playing. After 8 lessons, I sound like I’ve been playing for four years, rather than for four months.  Cercone Learning is interested in you enjoying music and playing. If you ever wanted to play piano, now is the time.


“The Cercone Method of teaching piano is a great way to learn to play the piano! It has helped me in many ways. First, it has filled in the ‘holes’ in my learning in previous piano lessons. Next, this method has given me an organized way to practice, and it is easier to practice. And lastly, it has given me the opportunity to learn new ways to memorize and learn the technique and theory of music. Donna always makes sure that I understand what she is teaching.”

L.C. Littleton, CO