About US

Not all studios are the same and not all piano lessons are the same.

Our studio employs “The Cercone Method”, a unique approach to training that progresses students at a much much faster pace than traditional music instruction. Over the past 30 years we have developed and refined this approach to music instruction, in order to maximize results, and long term retention of skills and musical abilities.

If you have suffered through traditional music lessons in the past then you probably know what we are talking about. Hours and hours of practice and instruction based upon repetition and rote memory recall. A year later and you have forgotten how to play that song.

Learn to play in as little as a few weeks at Cercone Music
MegaLearning techniques will have you playing within a few weeks at Cercone Music

The Cercone MagaLearning approach teaches your brain to absorb information faster and more thoroughly by creating shortcuts in the form of tuned neural pathways.

Using colors to stimulate learning MegaLearning stimulates the brain to create and activate new and powerful connections to speed up processing and recall. Knowing this process, we can accelerate any learning process.